Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wet & Chilly

It's been raining for the past 12 hours. And it's gotten a bit nippy.

Click on map to go to live radar.

Still a great place to be though.

That salt pond expanded to twice this size before the rain was done.

Anyone golfing anytime soon will be facing a few more water obstacles than usual.

The morning walk had us engulfed in a low, spritzing cloud.

Where'd the mountain & the port go?
Oh, there they are.

I honestly can't remember the last time I used an umbrella, but this one was quite sturdy, which was a good thing with these gusty winds. You might want to look for yours too, since we've got a flood watch until 2pm (later extended to 8pm).

Time to dry off!

Be careful if you're driving out there!

College Street ghaut - Basseterre  (St Kitts-Nevis Times)
Sorry if you're on vacation and this weather is putting a damper on your plans, but you could always put on some rain gear (a trash bag counts) and stomp through the puddles anyway.  Or you can wait it out - it's supposed to clear up by afternoon (hard to believe looking at it now though).


Synopsis: Conditions across the Leewards will remain cloudy with scattered showers during the morning but gradually improving throughout the day as most of the cloudiness and showers accompanying the upper level low and trough continues to move northwest over the Atlantic. A flash Flood watch is in effect until 2PM today.
Wx: Today: Cloudy becoming occasionally overcast with periods of scattered morning showers and rain.
Tonight: Partly cloudy with isolated late night showers
Winds: ESE at 12-16kts.

Seas: Moderate to locally rough with waves 1.8-2.1m or6-7ft. A small craft advisory remains in effect.

It was overcast all day, but it did dry out. A partial rainbow at sunset.

Renee P.