Island Babble started as a blog written by Renee who moved to St. Kitts in 2009 and got tired of being the last to know everything that was going on on the island. She gathered info and shared it with others, sharing stories about her and husband as well. She moved off-island in August 2012 and Ben moved on (also from the States), picking up the blog where Renee left off. Ben then left, and there's no one left to take over. It's been a good run, and we've had a lot of readers, but a blog can't write itself!

Renee's moved 6 times in 5 years and created new blogs for each location and is on the move again. If another blog or book is written, we'll be sure to post it here.

If you want more, Renee has a book about her sailing adventures, titled: A Sail of Two Idiots. A short video will get you in the mood too.

If you make any comments on blog posts, I'll still get them and be glad to answer any island or blog questions you might have.

For current information on island activities, you can't go wrong by contacting, Liz Pereira, of Pereira Tours St. Kitts (Facebook Page). She's also running the continuing Island Babble Facebook page.

We've left the blog up so you can search and get to know what there is to be done on the island. There have been lots of changes, with lots more on the horizon, but some will stay the same (like the hikes up the volcano), so read up! Renee 2017