Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tropical Storms & Bugs

It's been interesting watching the events unfold in the U.S. with Hurricane Irene. I was happy to read last night on the Weather Underground Jeff Master's blog that Irene was weakening before it even hit land. Winds are more around 85mph (gusts are more, but sustained winds so far this morning have been even less). Anything under 80 knots and folks are used to this from nor'easters (albeit, they don't get those kinds of winds for 12+ hours). As I thought all along, it's going to be rain, rain and more rain that's going to be the biggest problem (and surges). Although I just heard them announce a tornado warning in the area my Mom lives....

A reporter just mentioned a feature on Google, particularly if you have a cell phone with GPS, that lets you click on a red marker and have the nearest hurricane shelter info pop up. Impressive. I never was able to get St. Kitt's NEMA to give me a list of hurricane shelters. Not only do they not have a website, but they don't respond to emails. Lots of local news sources mentioned a 2011 shelter list issued, but few actually printed or linked to it (??!!!). Luckily, I found it somewhere else (it's on my Links page). Nevis is way ahead of the game there with an interactive map, no less. 

Lest, you think I was exaggerating about the electricity outages, here's a good rant about it. We are on a record 5 days with current though (only the cable/internet went out this week - twice). The fact that the U.S. still loses power & communications every time a storm or freeze happens makes me wonder if they really should be cutting back any farther on infrastructure.

The latest rains we had have caused a lot of unwanted visitors inside the house.

These babies are  almost 2-inches long! The cats love these things. Me? Not so much. They fly! Well, until the cats knock them down. We can always tell what we're dealing with. If the cats are just running around agitated - we have a centipede to locate or a spider on the ceiling. If we hear growling, one of the cats has a huge roach or lizard treat in their mouth. I do try to save the intruders, but if it's 2 in the morning, whatever it is is on its own!

I can't figure out how they're getting in. We had 4 last night (2 the night before). And two tiny centipedes. Ah, the tropics and the joy of creepy crawlies.