Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is Irene Done Yet?

I'll tell you what, with all that news coverage of Hurricane Irene, you certainly can't say you didn't know what was going on. Sheesh. Here's a bit more...

My Mom in VA had a little damage to her siding and some leaky windows, but survived a # of hours of gusty/rainy conditions.

The beach is the widest I've even seen it. And flat.

She had 2 sets of dunes to protect her and just as the first set was breached and the sea was closing in, the winds switched and pushed the water in another direction. The homes on the beach are breathing a sigh of relief.

We can only hope another storm doesn't hit there before the dunes can build back up again.

Of course, there's always a pier that doesn't make it.

Relatives in NJ and PA survived and our pals on their boat in a Philly marina did just fine as well.  We're not sure how my uncle's ski house in Vermont did - the pictures from that state don't look so good.  Sure was hit or miss out there. 

Back in hurricane-less St. Kitts, I managed to sleep through a beach workout I had wanted to go to, but did make it to the Zumba at Elvis's. Go Dan!

We had a great day at the beach, but when I found this thing, all I could hear was a little kid screaming - Mr. Bear's head is gone! Mr. Bear's head is gone!

He's now our mascot.

Let's hope for a quiet week.