Sunday, January 3, 2010

Island New Year at Banana Bay

Yep. We went to the beach, hiked, and went back to the beach. The sun's been out and the temperatures have been perfect. I knew we picked this island for a reason.

Here are Michael & Steve playing bocce ball in Banana Bay.

We were supposed to snorkel too, but that was too much work.

Today we hiked for a couple of hours around the still-under-construction golf course on the peninsula. On the way there, a huge troop of monkeys crossed our path but I wasn't ready with the camera yet. Once on the paths, a baby goat decided it wanted to go home with Pat.

Then it ran to the guys (it's in the lower left-hand corner).

Next up was a huge hawk on a rock.

The ocean/island views from the course weren't bad either.

Look at this tough bunch of hikers. I believe they were standing at the 3rd hole.

Then it was back to Banana Bay to cool down and eat lunch. Just in case we didn't have enough beach time, we then stopped off at The Godfather to visit John & Tina on Friar's Bay.

Michael's off to watch his Eagles and I have a new book to read. The perfect New Years weekend. Well, perfect if the Eagles win...Otherwise, condolences are in order.

Next up? First hash of 2010.