Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mom's Last Day, Red Dress Hashing, and Golfing

We had quite a busy past couple of days. For my Mom's last day, we had one more lunch at the Shipwreck and were visited by what seems to be a restaurant regular.

Can you spot the mongoose in this picture eating fruit (they look like fat ferrets)?

We drove around a bit and before we knew it it was time to take my Mom back to the house so she could change from her summer clothes into her winter clothes. Boo. We're hoping she made it to Charlotte and Newark (by plane) and finally Virginia (by car) safely and is re-bonding with her pooch Tico and kitty Gossamer. Miss you already Mom!

Saturday was also the Valentines Day hash. We missed the hiking part (can't say that was too terrible) but checked in afterwards to see everyone in costume. The beginning and end were held at The Godfather on South Friar's beach.

There were lots of virgins to initiate and one guy to punish for hitching a ride during the hash...twice.

Food, of course.

One costume winner. Where does she get these costumes - what I would give to see her closet...

The Godfather has also become a hookah bar. No one get your panties in a twist (or call the narcotics police), there's just tobacco in there (and not the kind with lots of toxins). I don't think Jingle Balls liked it as much as Dame Karla...

Hashers then couldn't resist dancing at another local bar down the beach.

How low can they go? A little bit smaller now...

Then today, miracles of miracles, Michael actually went golfing. We lugged his golf clubs and shoes all around the Caribbean on Jacumba and not once was he able to get on a course (too much $ and boat repairs took precedence). Mike was able to hook up with someone here to get a great discount and took to the greens of the Royal St. Kitts Golf Course this morning. Before he could hit the links, his barely worn shoes fell apart. Yep, the soles just disintegrated. Even our shoes couldn't survive the conditions we subjected them to aboard that friggin' boat. He had to rent a pair. Whoever visits us next, we need a size 9 1/2 pair of golf shoes thank you.

How's Mike's form?

Oops, I don't think that's good.

The course was really pretty.

Ok, what the heck was this doing in the middle of the course? Looks like it's seen its share of "Fores!"

Not a bad way to spend the day. Now we go back to the grind. Not that that's a bad thing...

Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day to you sappy fools that celebrate it.