Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rain drops...Pre-Earl

So at 5pm it started raining and then it stopped. At 6 it started again and stopped. 7pm....yep - strange. I'm waiting until the last minute to close windows because it's hot! As it is, the curtains aren't even blowing. It'll be hard to gauge what's really happening out there as we're so tucked in, but I'll do my best. A little grumbling out there.

Per the 5pm update, hurricane force winds are extending out further than before (45 miles), as are tropical force winds (175 miles), but the models are sticking to their stories, so we'll know soon enough if they can be trusted. Now we'll be 82 miles away from it eventually (and that time is getting later as the storm is slowing down).

Here are a few pictures Michael took on his way back from the Peninsula. These would have been taken about 4 hours after I took the last batch.

The upside-down leaves I mentioned last post.

Strangely calm waters around the Beach House dock. This is located right in the cut between Nevis & St. Kitts and is the closest point to the storm at the moment. Guess Nevis is protecting that bay for now.

Sandy Bank looking a bit different than the previous pictures.

The Marriott (the seas don't look so rough there - again, they're more SW).

A cool shot of the rains coming with the ocean stage left, and sea stage right (looking down toward the south-east peninsula).

S Frigate Bay in front of Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack - a little naked (the beach picnic tables were moved) - still open though.

How do you spell "inconvenience"?

And there always has to be a hurricane party somewhere. This is a little no-name bar (if there is a name, I don't know it) behind the Shiggidy Shack that plays Spanish music. They were not going to let something like a hurricane ruin their Sunday night.

Unless I read the 8pm update and find out Armageddon is upon us, I'll update again in the morning and tell you how it all went (assuming we have power and internet). The worst should be over by the end of the morning, the rain gone by evening.

You have to admit we look like we're in "the zone" here. Meaning, this summer we've tended to have storms skirt around us. They look terrible on radar and then just as we think we're going to get zapped, we look at the radar again and it's missed us. Yes, please.

Good night everybody!