Sunday, August 15, 2010

Same Ol' at The Strip and Sandy Bank

So Friday was the usual getting caught up with friends at The Dock and handing out stuff we had brought for people from PR. Here's Mike in his new t-shirt - you'd think the guy was in college or something, sheesh.

But then again, look at the "children" he's surrounded by...

Then there were the ladies all looking sophisticated.

That was until sundown when the vampire mosquitoes came out in force. It's been really calm (no wind), so they were relentless. Off! was a big hit and anyone who whipped a can out was a hero (and having to buy a replacement the next day).

Saturday was thunder and lightning. We strangely ended up watching lifetime movies all day. We've never done that before (I swear) and probably won't again, but it just seemed to be that kind of day.

We found out later that one of those lightning strikes hit Jacumba and fried the electronics and set her main sail on fire. I think we can definitely say that we enjoyed our weekend better than the current boat owner.

There were actually several witnesses to the strike. Luckily, a few of them were from the nearby charter catamarans and they had fire extinguishers to get the flames out quickly. It was very lucky actually, because the marina's fire extinguishers were all safely locked up...They have since moved a couple into the 24-hour manned (sort of) security office for emergencies...

Sunday was - guess! Yep.

This time (it has always been different), the water was seriously warm. Now if I'm saying that, then it must have been 90 degrees. People always say that water is like bath water, I get in and then think they must be having problems with their water heater, because the water is actually cold...Today, was like bathwater. No cold currents, no cold pockets, just warm. This seemed to attract the fish. Before we even got onto the beach we could see these big shadows.

What the? At first I thought they were manta rays (we hadn't seen those since the Bahamas), but then I realized they were big schools of tiny fish. Weird. They would just swirl around us and the reefs, forming, splitting up, reforming. It was like watching an underwater shape shifter.

Here's one approaching Mike from behind.

Mike actually got a few pictures of them underwater.

Of course, where there are little fish, there are big fish. Can you see the barracuda?

Everybody out! Actually it was pretty skittish. So was I... So that was it. Another week ensues.