Friday, October 29, 2010


Looks like there's a goblin coming our way. What's sure to be Tropical Storm Tomas is going to dampen the Halloween parties south of us.

We're likely to get some overflow, but should avoid most of it, since - at least for now - it's going more west than north. The question will be what kind of swells are generated from this storm. All those folks that just put their boats back in the water will have to keep an eye on the sea conditions.

Models at one point had this storm going south of us and then swinging back to wallop us - which is exactly what the last two storms did - but none show that now. Let's hope they're right! There's a wedding going on tomorrow and and all kinds of other stuff, so don't rain on our parade!

Hey! Guess what I learned yesterday. I'm as old as the frickin' Sound of Music! It was bad enough when I found out I was about the same age as Saturday Night Live and Sesame Street, but the Sound of Music??!! Good thing I love that movie. Gosh, I'm old...

Mike's old too - hee hee. old-man