Monday, November 1, 2010

Hear our Butts Sigh

Wahoo!! The Courts truck came with our new living room furniture today - Yippee!! The 3 pieces were a bit bigger than I remembered them, but all fit just right. As soon as the guys left, I started tearing at the plastic. I immediately noticed two things. This was not the fabric on the floor model and the couch had no legs. Hey! Well, the legs were in a bag in the plastic mess I had created. The fabric was just wrong. I reviewed the pictures we'd taken while at the store and confirmed that I hadn't been imagining things. The fabric at the store was microfiber. Microfiber is cat friendly. This fabric was almost exactly the same material as our cats scratching mat. Also cat friendly, but in a completely unwelcome way. I was pretty sure I would have noticed that while in the store; particularly since that's the first thing I was noticing now. Uh oh.

I emailed Michael and told him what I was seeing and he got all ticked off. He called the store and here's what they said "Yeah, we didn't have that other fabric. We didn't think you'd notice." shocked

I hear Scooby Doo in my head every time I think about it. Hruuuuh? When Michael asked if we could have the floor model, obviously at a discount, they said yes to the floor model and no to the discount. Who the heck sells a floor model for full price (one with a scuff mark on it too). Well, a store in St. Kitts. I told Michael to forget it. I've trained cats not to scratch before, I can do it again.

Michael then swung back and helped me put the legs on everything. The stuff looks great, especially with our wall color. Of course, we can never move. For what we just paid for this furniture, we better be here a while! They're a bit stiff, so we'll have to have some people over to break it all in (come on over Celeste!), but it is sooooo much better than what we had before. Aaaaaa - a cush for our tush! This looks like an actual living room. Who are those people?

Um, I think Michael's happy.

Well, Zura liked it too.

And maybe Jack and me.

I am worried about this nubby material, though. The rough pattern might permanently etch itself on our butts after sitting here for 12 hours. What? I told you. We are going to be couch potatoes for a whole week. Bring on the popcorn! Just don't drop crumbs in the cushions.