Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Miracle!

So as I mentioned last post, the Public Works department finally got the message that the peninsula needed a facelift and looky here!!

The wall in the street on Timothy Hill is gone!!!

The potholes are being filled in!!

Sort of. It keeps raining. Not sure where this latest moisture came from, but it might linger around tomorrow too (no the fireworks!!). Here's what's still left - you can see that the potholes were bountiful and deep - but soon to be no more. Yay!

If they actually tackle the overgrown parts, I'll have to think of another excuse for not running.

This has nothing to do with anything, but some friends sent me an email about why dogs hate Halloween and the costumes were hysterical. I found a link to them and more in case you need a laugh. Some people managed to squeeze their cats into costumes too, but Zura would forever be my enemy if I ever did such a thing. I would end up going to parties as a Freddy Kruger victim.