Saturday, November 13, 2010

Same ol'

Well, things have been a bit uneventful. I'm waiting for Michael to bring back a pizza from the Marriott, so will get you caught up on the news that isn't...

We went to The Dock on Friday and welcomed Dave back from his marathon run in NYC! That's Shiftah his cheering section there too.

Then we headed over to Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack. We rendezvous'd up with a veterinarian couple we met last year (they come for the occasional conference). Chris & Barb are hoping to become liveaboards themselves one day and have been puttering around on a little boat they have in NY for practice now and again. We had a little too much fun chatting it up and left long after the staff did. Thanks guys and have a safe trip back!

Today was hash day. This one was at Banana Bay on the peninsula.

We had quite a turn out.

We were following white ties.

Not that we needed them. It started out promising, with us walking along the coast.

A little bushwhacking.

Then past Spice Mill.

Toward Reggae Beach bar. That of course meant saying a quick hello to their menagerie.

Then onto Turtle Beach.

Then that was pretty much it! We took to the road and stayed on it until we ended up back where we started!

I looked back at one point and was surprised to see how far back people were.

We passed the runners too (they were going the wrong way). Apparently they actually had a hill on their route.

Now while I appreciate every hike, hard or easy, and thank all the volunteers that do this (everyday hashers like us set them), this particular hash was a bit too easy. It's supposed to be a little challenging! I'll have to remember that when I help Pat and Peter set some of the ribbons for the Christmas hash coming up.

We actually had 72 hash virgins today! That had to be a record!

Shawncy had a nice seat to watch the festivities. Michael said the little tyke gave a good noggin massage.

Baby's first hash!! That kid's going to have a 25th Hash commemorative t-shirt before she can walk!

I think the regatta's been put on hold for a bit (not sure), so we're hoping for some sun and a day at the beach. We've had some unstable weather lately, so who knows. A rainy day and a good book sounds good too...