Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thor! & Crime Thoughts

Uh oh, Renee's in jeans (her only pair).

Guess what that means.


Now where else could you go see a big budget movie like Thor on opening weekend and have absolutely no lines? I remember standing in lines that went around the block in NYC for movies that had been out for weeks!

We were completely alone until a few minutes before the movie started. I think there were about a dozen of us in all. Amazing. I had no idea the movie was in 3D and hadn't seen a 3D movie in decades, old-man so was very excited to try on my new shades. Sweatshirt on - check. Glasses on - check. Popcorn ready - check. Diet soda - check. Start the previews! Oooooh sea sick...

So we thought the movie was pretty good. While it had a lot less action than we were expecting and thought the dialog was a bit corny, it kind of had the feel of the Iron Man movies, so was entertaining enough. Like Iron Man 2, I felt that the lead lady character was a little bit too dreamy about the lead male character (constant shots of her "iiiiiin looooooove") in-love which took away from some of her strengths, but it wasn't enough for me to hate it. Thor's body wasn't so bad to look at either...

We got out to find it raining. There was pink mist over the sea, making me expect New Orleans-style humidity and cicadas, but it wasn't too bad. It looks similar this morning. I'm guessing summer is trying to make a come back.

Hey! Today is Mother's Day! Michael & I both give our shout outs to our favorite Moms! Happy 1st Mommy's Day to Kristen & Krista. I'll bet it feels weird being on the "other side" of that day for a change. Enjoy everyone!

A bit of island minutia:

So first all, the guys they caught in relation to the hold up of 17 tourists last November have been released due to lack of evidence. If they really have had the wrong men in custody all this time, what a shame. If the police force is really this inept, it's down-right scary. A business owner who commented on the release, said that they caught the guy who robbed his store, found all the stuff in the guy's house, and ended up releasing him for lack of evidence too. I'm not aware of a single fatal or major crime conducted here in the past 2 years resulting in a conviction. I don't know how much of it is just not having the right equipment/training (the U.S. has provided quite a bit of both - $3Million in the last 2 years!), or problems with the legal/lawyering end, but I sure wish they'd figure out it out.

I keep reading about how St Kitt's doesn't have the equipment, but I have to ask what's happening to it then? The US donated lab equipment, a vehicle, a laptop, uniforms, etc. last year and set them up so that they could use the Antigua lab services for forensics. Any of that happening? The EU has also provided money for security. Now they're talking about getting more training from the Israelis. Ok, so what are they doing about the prosecution end of things? Who cares if you catch the guys and then can't convict them?

Interestingly, the Minister of National Security has come up with a 10-point plan to make us more secure. Two of those items include allowing women to get easier access to mace/pepper spray and arming home/business owners. While I wonder how many of the bad guys will end up with access to the stuff being discussed, I will be more than happy to partake in some of the options being offered myself.

The next cost to go up here is the airport departure tax. Nooooo! One of our biggest gripes about this island is how hard it is to get from/to here. Unless you're going to Miami, it'll most likely take you 2 days to get home. The best you can do is land around midnight. There's usually a stopover somewhere - say St Martin, Antigua, or Miami - and you basically pay about $300 extra to go from St Kitts to wherever that stopover is and then to your destination. I've mentioned previously, that a "$49" LIAT flight becomes about $249 when you add up all the taxes. It's too expensive to go anywhere, so we're starting to get slap happy. So what's the latest? Doubling the departure tax for locals/residents (that includes us). It is now $37US. That's right; before Mike & I even step on a plane or boat, we get to cough up $74US. Ouch!!!!!! The increase takes affect in July, so it's a good thing our next planned trip is before that.

There's a census going on. I give credit to the poor census takers - that truly is a thankless job. Add paranoid home owners and it's probably even a dangerous one. Well, we haven't been home during the last 2 visits from our guy, but he left a surprisingly professional letter/brochure explaining how we can make an appointment and what the census is all about. Our rep even provided an email address. Well, let's see if he answers it...