Saturday, July 23, 2011

Invest90L in the am

So last evening we did a TGIF at Popcorn's and got a great view of the crappy weather to come.

We also got to meet Flush, a cat Popcorn found in his toilet's drainage pipe when he was building his house about a year ago. Not that you can tell from the photos, but she has a really long neck and tail and looks a bit weird. Not surprising, her owner looks a bit weird too. Normally Flush is out prowling around, so we hadn't had a chance to get to know her yet. Popcorn is very much a dog person, but he's really warmed up to this furry munchkin. Luckily for Flush, Betsy, Popcorn's lab took to her too and acts as her protector.

This cat is a hoot and oddly does the same thing our cats do with their tails - they shake them rapidly like a rattlesnake when they get excited. Must be a Kittitian kitty thing. It turns out Flush is incredibly friendly and very playful and started seeking Michael and me out (out of a dozen people) so she could attack our ankles. We renamed her Psycho Kitty. She could use a nail cutting.

This morning, I did an Invest 90L check. After a pretty crazy night of rain, lightning and thunder, this morning things didn't start out looking all that bad. It looked like most of it had passed us already.

As the day has progressed, we've gotten a dip from the northeast that got us a bit wet earlier in the morning and are now getting it from the southeast as a storm that looked puny earlier has exploded over the top of us. As soon as I made the latest entry on StormCarib and said that I jinxed us, the winds picked up and it started pouring. Spoooky. Hopefully after this latest cell passes, things will clear up a bit. Hopefully. Gonna be an unpredictable day today - in other words, a typical day in the Caribbean after a tropical wave has passed.

Today's challenge is to get one of my cats, Zura, to get over her fear of thunder. The other, Jack, isn't phased and will even sit outside until it rains on him (although I did initially sit out there with him and talk him through it - I don't have to do that anymore). Zura hides behind the washer. This isn't wall-shaking thunder, just grumbling (baby stuff), so I closed the door to the washer closet and have Jack helping nudge her out of her other hiding spots. Come play! She's out, but not too thrilled about it. One step at a time...

Hey, my fancy clock tells me that's only 82 degrees (in the house, without the breeze or even ceiling fan). You people sweating it out up North might want to come down and cool off! With these latest gusty winds, I'm going to have to go put on a sweatshirt. And close a few windows. Brrr.

Did I mention the power went out? Not sure we cleared 36 hours since the last outage. I'd read but it's dark in here and it's only 2:00!