Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Hashing

Well, today turned out to be another gorgeous day. There were clouds around, some of them looking quite sinister, but it was all for show. When we got to the parking area across from Ross for the hash, we had thick clouds surrounding the mountains nearby, but they stayed put. On! On!

Nat and Carib Kat set this one for their first hash (with help, thanks again Bull Bait), and did a good job. The walk was a bit short, particularly for us fast walkers (I have to admit a few of us jogged some of it too - downhill, of course), but had the requisite hill (some of the trail thankfully in the shade),

view, with ruin, preferably,

and downhill. Go Steve!

Afterwards were the usual ceremonies and imbibing, but a couple of enterprising hash youngsters have found a way to make a little spending money. Orange juice? I haven't had orange juice since Christmas. It was delicious!