Monday, March 11, 2013

Kermit meets the Caribbean

Instead of my usual long posts I wanted to just throw out a random blog post now and then with mostly photos. I take a lot of photos and they're definitely worth sharing.

This post I wanted to feature our child, "Kermit." He's not really a child, but he's just as important. He's been with Julie for 12 years now since he was a little abandoned black ball of fur from Central New York.

He is taking full advantage of the Island Life:

He's figured out how to Lime, belly out and all.
Kermit never actually liked the cold weather way up in North America, in fact he would lay in the sun even on the hottest days and still does here.

Kermit was as ready to get out of Pennsylvania as we were, even if it meant being packed in a box!

We had trouble finding a box long enough for him though!

Kermit thinks this new routine of leaving windows open all year round is great. He's even picked up a new hobby — Dove Hunting!

He's figured out that the Caribbean is really great for sleep, in many different positions:

I don't wanna get up, turn off that light please.

I think I'll just lean on this for a minute. yaawwwn.
Sometimes I enjoy playing board games with my competitive parents.

Sometimes I get bored with the competition.
And my new favorite hang out is definitely the porch where I can do my highly important security job the easiest with such a great high view.

Occasionally stuff gets crazy down on these Birdrock Streets so I gotta give out my lion roar to calm stuff down!

All in all, I'm just a soft momma's boy, more a lover than a fighter.

Livin De Life here in St. Kitts. Come and visit me, I mean us soon.


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