Monday, November 2, 2009

Boat Trip & Snorkeling

Well, we left a little late, but out we went out on the Shiggidy Shack X-Press yesterday. Of course, Mr. X was surprised that we came (I think it was a polite invitation extended the other night without the expectation of follow-through - that'll teach him!), but we had a great time. Michael stayed behind and watched sports all day (and made a great stew for a late dinner), while Tina & I salsa'd and merengue'd with a Latino group off the coast of St. Kitts & Nevis. Many fellow cruisers were Cuban doctors - they're on rotation here. Cuba has one of the best medical systems in the world and has arrangements with several countries to provide doctors who can share their expertise. There's an agreement in St. Kitts/Nevis that really sick patients get flown to Cuba for care. People even take dental "vacations" there to save money (the U.S. really can't figure something out??). Others were engineers, family members, etc. from Puerto Rico and Venezuela (and I think India), all living/working here. Being surrounded by these happy, dancing, singing, and welcoming people reminded me of the Dominican Republic. They just really know how to have fun and look at the bright side of life. I need to hang out with them more!

We hugged the coast going a nice slow pace, listening to the music the charterers brought. I have to say it was a bit loud, but you couldn't help but get into the spirit anyway. Here's a sample (check out the little girl near the end of the video, in the back):

We got to Shitten Bay, where we got up incredibly close to the cliffs and stopped for some snorkeling. Look how clear this water is (it's still 20' deep here).

Mr. X tossed some crackers into the water and up came a bunch of Sergeant Major fish.

Up popped Tina too.

Out came lunch, which included beans & rice, chicken, mahi mahi, and salad on real china, no less. This trip even included an open bar. There aren't too many charter operations that let you play your own music, motor when you're ready, serve endless drinks, and serve restaurant-quality food on real plates (plus you can bring your own). Even the boat itself is a really efficient design with cubbies in the right spots, a bar, heads, seating, everything you need for a day trip. I kept thinking what a great idea this would be in the Grenadines (more flexible than a sailboat). X actually designed this boat and it was built here in St. Kitts. I mean, check this out... We got to Nevis and up we pulled right onto the beach (not unique), but instead of having to leap off the top or whatever, there's this tunnel exit out (very cool).

You can't go to Nevis and not go to Sunshine's for a Killer Bee, so that's where we went. Here's Tina (German), Mr. X (Kittitian), Jose (Puerto Rican), Kathy (American), and Linus (Swiss) - a mini U.N.

We were there until around 5:30, so were still on the beach to catch a great sunset.

Headed back and danced some more. Well, I took pictures of Tina dancing anyway. Here she is getting lessons. Bailamos...

Mr. X jumping into the fray.

And then my camera died. Got back home to some yummy soup and called it a day. What's next? We're going to see Michael Jackson's movie this week and are trying to come up with a hike next weekend. Zura gets spayed on Wednesday (she is soooo going to hate us - Jack's too young to be neutered yet).