Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, I had planned on ignoring this birthday like I have the past few (we were usually sailing somewhere), but Facebook basically put out a big announcement and that was that. Well, fine then. Guess I'll just embrace the darn thing. As people say, it's better than the alternative. Appreciated all the birthday greetings! A big shout out to my Mom for, you know, that whole painful birthing thing so, so, so, so long ago!

How was it? It was a dark and stormy day...

And what's this? Could this be wave action? Is that a white cap I see there? Wind! It's wind!

First thing in the morning, a contractor came in to put burglar alarms on our downstairs windows (the villa owners pay for this). They had been on back order due to high demand - security bars are big business here (and pretty much anywhere these days) unfortunately.

Can't help but resent the fact that we're the ones behind bars while the crooks run free though...I envisioned myself standing behind the bars with an aluminum cup, scraping it across the bars when Mike came home and walked past, asking him for more grub please...a little more grub?

The day was spent basically emailing & reading until we met up with John & Tina to try a Taiwanese restaurant, the Formosa Gardens.

There's only one other decent Asian restaurant on island (that we know about), which is a little pricey, with so-so food, so we were hoping to find an alternative. We definitely liked Formosa better and found the cost similar. They had a lot of vegetarian choices and the spring rolls were delicious. The staff was really friendly and very eager to please. They even gave us free birthday cake slices! (Although they were a little stale.) We were all pretty low-key, with most of us having to work the next day. I don't work, but I still get up at 5:30am and go running - it counts! In case I don't remember how old I am...

Ugh. We're both so old (remember, Michael's 2 months OLDER than me) that we're dying with this latest time change. We didn't "fall back" like most of you main-landers, so everything is coming on an hour later now. So we've missed Dancing with the Stars & So You Think you Can Dance this week. Guess what we'll be watching on our laptop for the rest of the week?