Saturday, November 28, 2009

New York in St Kitts - Gallery Opening

So last night we went to a gallery opening in Frigate Bay. Artist and owner is none other than Tanya, a fellow hasher and former pirate. She designs the hash t-shirts but was eager to show people that she could tackle a bit more than those as well.

She had a great turn out and we knew quite a few people, although had never seen quite a few too, which seems weird at this point considering the size of the island.

More food! Actually, I had only eaten a banana and kept it that way. I was so full from the previous day's eat-fest that I couldn't even contemplate the idea of more.

We were very excited for Tanya and felt weird doing something so cosmopolitan in such a tropical environment. Actually, the 2 worlds meshed beautifully. Hopefully, she'll have gallery events in the future too. There was wine tasting as well, and I actually really liked one called Fat Bastard Chardonnay, which is shocking since I normally really don't like the taste of Chardonnay. We tried a Bailey's-type after-dinner drink from South Africa too. Yummy. Next time you're here Check out The Modern Caribbean Art Gallery & Studio, next to Ciaos (who catered the event and whose establishment should also be frequented).

I'll tell you, we've really done quite a variety of stuff since we've been here. No boredom yet! Today, we've invited Pat & Steve over for Mexican. Pat bragged about her cheese dip and 3-layer dish and we're going to do guacamole and mini-tacos. I think my stomach's ready for food again. We're going to have to do all this with bread and crackers though, because there are no tortilla chips to be found. One thing you learn about most every island is that there are only 1 or 2 distributors. They only buy what they want to buy, so one month you may only see Ranch-style potato chips, the next BBQ, the next no chips but Fritos are in. All stores on island get their stuff from this importer, so all the stores pretty much carry the same thing. There are always exceptions though, so you drive around running into all of them to see what's what. After 3 years of this, we have learned that if we find something we like (like Mike's liquid smoke) we buy LOTS of it. You just never know if/when you'll see it again. The grocery stores near universities usually have the best prices and selections, and Best Buy in St. Kitts is no different (and they're in the midst of a major expansion - yay). Unfortunately, they don't have tortilla chips either right now, so we're having to be flexible. Pat couldn't find a much needed ingredient for her beer-based margaritas either, so we'll be drinking beer. No problem! I'm sure over time St Kitt's new tourism base will inspire more importers and more competition. Who knows, maybe that's the business I should be looking into...

Another island oddity. Most islanders in the Caribbean say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening instead of hello and expect you to too. It's very pleasant and not a hardship. But at night, they say Good Night. As a greeting. I was taught to do this a couple of weeks ago and did it the other night and Mike was like, what are you doing? I told him it was normal and he didn't believe me. So the other night at Jose's, he was quite shocked when people started coming in and saying Good Night! After I stuck my tongue out, I had to agree that it does sound strange to say it as a greeting, as opposed to a good-bye. Seriously, try it. Just walk up to the hostess at a restaurant and cheerfully say "Good Night, may I have a table?"

Check this out. We're about 1/2-way through the potty training phase. There's Jack doing his thing. He's supposed to be standing on the sides, so we have a ways to go, but we're getting closer! If I pull this off, we are going to save soooo much money. No smell. No mess. My fingers are crossed big-time.