Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eating our way thru St Kitts, Rocky's

Not much happening other than stuffing our faces. We did have a Mexican night with Pat & Steve. First we headed to the pool for a sundowner, taking Pat's cheese-layer dip with us. Yummy. Came back to our place and pigged out on guacamole, little taco won-tons, and a warm cheese dip. How we don't all weigh 500 pounds is beyond me, but it sure was good!

Early in the week it was Tina's birthday. Unfortunately, I was running a fever so Mike went and sang birthday wishes for both of us. I have no idea what the heck was wrong with me - I was tired and hot for 3 days and then was fine - just like that. Who knows. Happy belated birthday Tina!

Friday we headed for The Dock at the end of The Strip, bumping into friends who are running in a marathon on Barbados today (Sunday) - beer carbs vs pasta carbs - same thing in the islands, mon! Watched another sun set over Jacumba (and another catamaran), spent a little time at The Shiggidy Shack, and then went home at a reasonable hour.

Saturday we headed into town and tried to find our umpteenth pair of sunglasses - this time for Mike. We really should have just started our own factory considering how many pairs of glasses we've both been through in 3 years. He actually found a pair of Ray-bans for $20 (thanks to Port Zante, you can find some deals on the island - love duty-free shopping!). He probably should have bought 2 pair...

Then we decided to head over to the Bird Rock Beach Hotel right over the hill from us. We had heard that they had really good French fries and had a laid-back bar overlooking a lagoon. It was definitely a surprise - I'm not sure what we were expecting. It was a lot like the Dive (scuba) bars we went to in Bonaire (and, in fact, there is a diving outfit here). We were a little stumped at the geriatric crowd that was there (at about 2pm) until we realized that it was a stop on a cruise ship tour. The cove is very protected so is a nice place to just sit in the water and/or snorkel. Locals go to the place in the early evenings and hang with their kids knowing that the water is calm enough for them to play in while the parent relax and drink with friends. We'll have to go back some time in the evening and see how the dynamic changes. It's always nice to shake things up a little. The hotel itself is in a residential neighborhood and looked pretty quaint. We headed to the bar & grill and ordered the veggie burgers with fries. The "burgers" were the fake chick patties, which we like, although they were a little undercooked. The French fries were good, but I think we're leaning toward Ziggy's on The Strip for "best" status so far. The Shipwreck on Friar's Beach has good French fries too, but they're the steak-fry variety so their status depends on our mood. We still have to try Neville's across from the new cinema - it's been too crowded up to this point (which is a good sign!).

Speaking of signs - this one pretty much sums up my life philosophy.

Came back, poured a sundowner made with liquid gold - DIET tonic water (seriously, boaters would fight in the aisles over this stuff when rarely found in Grenada - as it is, we should have bought every bottle available yesterday) - and headed to the pool for another pretty, peaceful, sunset. Sigh.

Sunday? Pool & football. One thing we rarely find off of the French islands is French bread - the crunchy kind. I've even been desperate enough to try making it without success. Someone put us onto a frozen loaf at the IGA supermarket here, and bingo!! Awesome!! Thanks Kathleen! So Mike set to work prepping a serious cheese sub-sandwich. I wish I'd taken a picture of the ingredients that went into this, but here's the completed masterpiece. It was delicious!!!

What's up this week? A diet!