Saturday, December 26, 2009

To Pooped to Party - Again

Well, we didn't make it to J'ouvert, but we did watch a bit of it on TV, does that count? We went over to our pal's house, Kathleen & Nat, last night and got a little too into the Christmas spirit(s).

First we made some hors d'oevres. We decided to try something different and made some really yummy bruschetta, as well as some stuffed cherry tomatoes (that recipe could not have been any easier - soft herbed goat cheese & basil stuffed into a tomato) and headed over. Note that these foods were red & green, so were very Christmasy (by accident).

What's great about St. Kitts is that just about everyone has a great view. Their house was no different. A dreary day, but warm!

They had a great looking tree with a working train set underneath, to boot!

There was so much food, it was hard to know where to start, but Michael decided the chocolate & peanut butter cups would be a good place.

This place had a big outdoor area where we could hang out, so that's where most of us ended up. Plus it got us away from the food. Although it was closer to the booze...

I was bonding with Nat and his friend.

Mike with Mr. Snowman.

Eventually, the Wii came out and it was time to bowl. We had never played that game but had heard so much about it, just had to give it a shot. We want one! Of course, then we'd need a big-screen TV too. Maybe next Christmas. Or the next.

Note the winner, and it wasn't an adult - way to go Molly!

Later it was charades.

Some people partied harder than others...

You might just drink too much when your children buy you a drinking mug with a bike bell on it, so when you're done you can just ring the bell and have your significant other get you another one. Of course, if the cup holder rang the bell expecting me to pour a drink, it would not go into the cup.

We figured if John called and got us up at 3am, we might have been able to drag ourselves to the next celebration, but he didn't so we snored unconsciously on. We'll have to try it next year. It definitely is something we want to do, we just have to commit ourselves to it next time. As it was, we had to mute the live T.V. program showing the troupes because the music was just too pounding (and repetitive). Picture New York's Time Square on New Year's Eve surrounded by speakers blaring soca/calypso music. We'll be up for it next time, minus the headache.