Friday, January 15, 2010

A Tour of Yacht and The FireMan

You absolutely must check out the pictures of Montserrat's volcano as seen by our pals on Merengue, currently anchored in Antigua. The ash is going away from us again but we don't see these views. Wow!

I've actually been working my tail off trying to help a local bar owner get automated. We've been working on his websites and trying to drum up business as well. I've created facebook and twitter pages, put the checkbook on Quicken, and are responding to emails for reservations. It's been interesting to say the least. It's been kind of fun to feel useful again, but I need to get back to writing my book too!

The other day, we got a chance to go on a very large monohull yacht. It was beautiful, but as former boat owners, could only see all the work that had to go into it. The metal work! The teak! The HUGE (clean) engine room - oy!

We were entertained by the crew, but managed to entertain them as well with our tales of woe from our Jacumba days. It felt really weird to be floating off shore again

Here's the dinghy they picked us up in. I absolutely had dinghy envy. I just wanted a steering wheel - was it too much to ask?!! When we went back to shore, I think we managed to fit 8 people in there and no one got wet despite the swell. Hrmph.

Something every boat needs - a jacuzzi.

We loved the faucets on the sink.

Here are a few other shots of the boat.

We even got a special tour as the crew knew we could appreciate what was on-board. Cameras were everywhere, including the top of the mast, so you could see problems (very clearly, I might add) before hauling someone's butt up this "empire state building"-sized mast to fix things. A front and back radar?! A HUGE chartplotter!! Not bad. Yep, we absolutely love the idea of a yacht when it's owned by someone else and cleaned/fixed by even more someone elses.

Recently word got out that I hadn't seen "The Fire Man," at the Shiggidy Shack so I was assigned the mission to go. When we first anchored off of The Strip a year ago, one night we heard someone constantly yelling - "It's the Fire Man - Yeah Mon" while playing the same song over and over again. We could see a bonfire on shore, but weren't up for an excursion to check it out and moved the boat before it happened again. Turns out every Thursday, The Fire Man performs - doing nifty things with flames and even limboing under lit sticks. It was actually pretty cool and brings in lots of people, from locals to tourists making it the busiest night of the week at the bar. We hadn't been out in a long time on a Thursday, so it felt naughty. Here are a few pictures form the evening.

A lot of people enjoyed the bonfire.

Others went out to dance.

It was fun, but we still left rather early (about 9). We might head to Nevis this weekend. Remember, we don't make plans anymore.