Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seen it all! Beach Bars & Plantations

Ok, I think we've seen just about everything, minus what you have to hike to on the island. We have one more round in Basseterre to visit the downtown area, but then I think the Mom has seen all there is to see on St. Kitts for now. We had another pool day on Monday and then yesterday first went to Shipwreck for lunch.

We were joined by an uninvited guest. Right before he got too comfortable a motorcycle pulled up and scared him off.

Then it was back in the car for another adventure on the left-side of the curvy, narrow roads. No close calls this time (well, no closer than what's normal here). First we stopped at Ottley's Plantation.

When we tried to leave, this cow's chain was blocking our way. We all (cow and car) inched up until the chain laid flat and we were able to stomp on the gas pedal and shoot past without choking the poor thing.

Then we found Rawlin's Plantation, I had actually never been there. Kate Spencer has an art gallery up there and we wanted to see what more she had in her repertoire (from what we had seen at a gallery located within the Marriott). She certainly had an awesome view (she lives there too).

A quaint little yellow church on the plantation grounds.

Then it was time to drive back, have our usual passion fruit/colada rum slushy on the patio, and settle in for popcorn for dinner. That's right - my Mom LIKES popcorn for dinner, so we were all one big happy, popcorn crunching family.