Monday, April 5, 2010

Camping? Banana Bay

Happy Easter everybody. I'm not sure you can call what we did this weekend camping, as our SUV looked like this and that wasn't including the 2nd trip Michael did for 2 more coolers with ice, or the 3rd trip where he collected lots of firewood. I've hiked the Appalachians many times with what felt like 50 pounds on my back as a kid (usually whining I'll admit - sorry Mom). Michael & I have both hiked a remote part of the Grand Canyon - twice - with all our gear strapped to our bodies, and then we go camping for one night on the beach and this is our haul? Hmm...

Whatever...You really couldn't beat the locale. We hit Banana Bay on the peninsula with everything we owned (well, borrowed), and met our friends who also brought everything from their homes (except for a toilet, which would have been rather nice). Here's our campsite.

Our kitchen. There was absolutely no chance of us starving...ever.

Our living room. We spent a lot of time in this configuration. It was awesome.

A little water time.

Steve & I started out collecting firewood from the beach until Michael had to one-up us by running to his secret wood pile, tossing it all in the SUV, and driving it onto the beach. This was truly impressive until Michael managed to get himself stuck in the sand. A minor glitch. We thought he had gotten too much, but we did actually go through it all.

A beautiful dusk.

When the moon came up over Nevis across the way it was really neat. It was orange and then got some clouds running across it to make it look like Saturn cut in half.

We had dinner using one of the 3 grills brought down, not to mention grills on the fire. And of course, schmores (minus the marshmallows for us vegetarians), and even a banana with melted chocolate on it. Yummy.

The fire kept us toasty and bug-free. Aaah, what a life.

We had the beach to ourselves until a group from TDC (one of 2 companies that have monopolies on this island - owning everything from grocery stores to hardware stores) showed up with the ever-necessary speakers. They "entertained" us with their music, karaoke, and skinny dipping escapades until about 3am. While I didn't sleep, the noise apparently didn't phase Bernie in the next tent who snored (loudly) away in glorious oblivion. Hrmph.

The next morning, Bernie and his son Connor took a walk and found a set of TDC keys, along-side all the garbage the celebratory group left (which Michael's crew gets to clean up Tuesday). I think we should hold the keys hostage until the company cleans up the mess they left behind (Kittitians - stop using your island as a dump!).

Here's Michael and Connor enjoying the morning skies, breakfasting pelicans, and calm seas.

We enjoyed the serenity until about 11 when the Easter crowds started amassing on the beach. Big difference from the day before. We hogged our part of the beach (pretty much the only shade around) for a while, before finally getting our lazy butts up, our tents down, and all our gear back into our vehicles after calling it another awesome day.

We really had a lot of fun and definitely want to do it again sometime. Today we hike. We have to get some exercise in, don't we? Of course, we do. If you've pigged out on chocolate Easter bunnies, hard-boiled eggs, peeps, and whatever else hits the tables on Easter weekend, you might consider a little movement yourself. Just a little...