Monday, May 17, 2010

Views and more views from Cardinal Point and Friars

So we went to our usual spot on Sunday, with a little extra. There's a goat path that runs along the northeast cliff at Sandy Bank. It takes you out toward the ocean and is easy and short and then wallops you with a "wow!" at the end.

I mean, seriously. Look at how clear this water is. How spectacular.

Once you get where you're going, there are a couple of rocks nice and comfy for sitting and letting you take all the splendor in.

You get a great view of the ocean-side coast of the island.

It was really windy. Really, really windy.

Here's the view heading back toward the beach. You can see the salt pond in the distance where the marina will eventually go (and the sea beyond). You can also see clear patches here and there where development has begun.

Ah, development. Not only is it already in progress down below, but will also be along the cliff we were walking. That's right. This path we and the goats were enjoying will someday be a road, and the cliffs will have some of the luckiest people on the planet living on them.

Back to the beach for a little fun in the sun.

Then it was time to say goodbye to a fellow hasher who was having a going away gathering at The Godfather. Right as the festivities were supposed to begin, rain started heading our way.

First came the rainbow.

Then the wind.

And then the rain.

No worries. We just moved to the other end of the bar.

We'll be sad to see Letteke go (that's her on the right; Scott's the idiot with the shirt over his head), but she's headed to Spain for a bit and we have every intention of dropping in on her to see how her house refurbishment is going.

Another great weekend, even with the rain.