Friday, June 4, 2010

Beached at Reggae, Banana Bay, and The Strip + Shopping

Well, we did hit the beach. A couple, as a matter of fact. First, we started at Reggae Beach (really just the far-end of Cockleshell) so J.D. could get a sailing fix on a hobie cat he could rent there.

The boys went out and tried to sail despite the lack of wind and seemed to have a good time.

Bella was glad to see Daddy coming back as she worried about him way out there.

How come Michael never did this with Jacumba when we lost the wind?

I sat on a comfy chair watching, while Bella & Erin played on the beach.

Bella found her own chair. Definitely diva material. Somebody bring that star a Sprite!

If all that wasn't enough, Reggae bar has Oliver the monkey and his goat friend to hang out with; both of which enjoyed any attention given them.

Wilbur didn't even know we were there - he was snoring, in fact. Bet you know someone just like him.

Then it was off to Banana Bay for some snorkeling.

To distract Bella from the Mom disappearing beneath the water, she and the boys played bocce ball. Bella & her daddy won, although Bella was doing the measuring, so there might need to be a rematch.

Erin said that just when she thought there was nothing to see, a plethora of life appeared, from corals to a big turtle. Then it was Michael & JD's turn to jump in.

They found the turtle too.

While they were goofing around, Bella & Erin enjoyed the calm, warm waters near an old pier. Look how clear the water is.

The guys brought back this cool sand dollar

and a hollow sea urchin. Cool! Thanks to Pat & Steve for recommending that place!

Got back to the house just in time to get showered, changed, and run to the Shiggidy Shack for dinner. Erin & JD tried Mr. X's famous lobster and enjoyed it thoroughly, while Bella made a friend with a local artist's daughter (we made friends with Mr. X). The Amazing, Blazing Fire-Man actually came on right on schedule and did his thing before poor Isabella couldn't keep her eyes open another minute.

Today, we decided to go to Basseterre for a little gift shopping. We visited the The Circus (a copycat of London's Picadilly Circus) and got lots of fun stuff for folks back home at the Only in St. Christopher's store and Island Hopper - pretty much the only stores that sell locally-made things. Bella got a really cool coconut purse.

I offered her our keys to put in there, but then her Dad offered her coins. Guess which one she took?

Of course, it was necessary for some ice cream for energy.

We later had a great lunch upstairs at the Ballyhoo and got home just in time to let Bella get a much needed nap.

Just one more beach and/or pool day before JD, Erin & Bella's 2-day odyssey back to Phoenix. Where it'll be 110 degrees upon their arrival. Boo.