Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Rematch!

Well, it has been incredibly dreary and is raining again as I type this. Rain Rain go away! I have to say that the island is really green and lush right now. It might be clearing finally, so we're hoping to have one more beach day while Jim & Wendy are here.

We went to Shipwreck for lunch the other day (they really do have good veggie tacos) and you can see how high up the water is these days.

So yesterday was the perfect day for the dominoes rematch. Of course, we couldn't play without the appropriate subsistence, so Michael made us a "little" snack. It was delicious.

Wendy contributed too with brownies made from scratch (it had an egg in it, that counts).

With Jim's rum punches, everything was all set.

As I mentioned before, the hat must be decorated by its last recipient and Jim did not disappoint. He attached caps from beers he had drank throughout the Caribbean. Perfect!

The thing jingled making it sound like Christmas. The rule is that the loser of the last game has to wear the hat for the first round of the game (there are 13 rounds - from double domino 12 to double 0). Had I lost that round, I would have blamed it on the tinkling...but I didn't.

There were the usual shenanigans as Jim kept using the hat's magical properties of beers gone past to give himself luck and Mike tried to send voodoo back to him.

Jim was nice enough to wipe the sweat from Michael's brow as Mike's score was getting a bit ugly.

And there were the usual excuses as we lost various rounds. Jim couldn't see the first round because of the hat. Our drinks were empty. Wendy was doing laundry and had lint in her eye. Just pathetic.

Most of the time though there was just fierce concentration though.

For anyone who watched the Jacumba video, you'll remember that we were gunning for Wendy, who was the only one of us who had yet to wear the dunce cap.

Well, between Jim's magical cap and some luck (for everyone but Wendy), the hat will remain on Merengue. Yahoo! Here's Wendy moping over another high-point round.

She accepted her "trophy" like a true winner though.

The scores were almost all separated by 100 each. I had been winning all the way up until the last 2 rounds when Jim went out leaving me with some high hands. Boo. So the final scores were Jim winning with 188, me with 282, Mike with 402, and Wendy with 561 (not 568). Ouch.

To make Wendy feel better, we served up the brownies with French vanilla ice cream, and a couple of candles to acknowledge her birthday last week.

We then played a couple rounds of cribbage, with me skunking Mikey and called it a night.

Hey is that the sun???!!! Time to get outside!