Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dinner Cruise

Guess we're getting back to our routines a bit. We did get a parting shot of Merengue heading off into the wild blue yonder. First as seen as a spec by the naked eye; then thru binoculars. Bye! Sniffle.

I've been trying to get a bunch of stuff ordered from a Miami Sam's Club. Some things are just plain cheaper (like batteries for our flashlights), but some things you just can't get here either (hot chili oil please). Amazingly though, even shopping online has been an exercise in frustration as something they had listed 2 weeks ago - you know, like Diet Dr. Pepper (the Diet Dr. Chill we found here has now become a rarity - surprise, surprise) - the store doesn't carry any more. Are you kidding me??! No dill relish? This is America?? Then when I find stuff I want it's out of stock or only available in-store. %#*$! So I'm still wading through, trying to track stuff down. I seem to be up against inflation - a decent hair iron really costs $70? Jeez. I was never a big shopper, but sometimes I really do miss running into a big store and just getting what the heck I want and leaving. I want some strawberries? No problem - run into a grocery store the size of 4 football fields, walk a mile to the produce section, and walaa! Strawberries. Jog back to the registers and have knocked out my 10,000 steps for the day, to boot. Need a few pillows? Target is right up the street and has 2 for $10. Ooh, look. They have cheap plates too. Bonus! Motion sensor alarms - how to choose among the selection at Home Depot or Ace Hardware. Yep, sometimes I miss...stuff.

Apparently the golf pro at the Marriott was missing stuff too and has taken a job back in the States, so his pals threw a going away party for him on Mr. X's Shiggidy X-Press last night.

Here's the man of the hour seemingly in control of the boat. I'd like to get off please...

Mr. X where are you?? Oh, there you are.

This one was a dinner cruise, so you can see the tables are done up with table cloths and real plates (!) for ambiance. Food is later served family style. Not exactly vegetarian fare, but supposedly delicious.

Good luck Scott! And send us a couple of cheap pillows when you get back will ya?