Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Visitors - 1st Stop The Strip/Sandy Bank

So the Walkers are here! It took them 2 days and one harrowing flight through thunderstorms, but they're here. Bella has her suitcase full of toys and JD is carrying a couple of boogie boards for us adults needing toys. They got here just in time for yet another squall. In fact, it was one of the stormiest days we'd had in a long time and the first one ever to come from the west, which meant the sea-side.

We went to The Strip to at least show them the beach and get some French fries. Most of the bars were closed and the ones that weren't were soaked through and through. We were told that if another squall came through we could hide behind the bar until it passed. Luckily, we didn't have to do that.

The next day, the sun came out! We had planned on going to Cockleshell Beach, but the sea was still pretty swelly (not to mention grassy), so we went to..where else?...Sandy Bank. It was nice and calm and was a lot of fun. Erin (the Mom) loves to surf so is teaching Bella (3-year old) to do the same.

More fun on the beach!

We did make it to Cockleshell hoping for some pizza at Spice Mill, but nooooooooo. It had rained so much that all the wood was wet, so no wood-fired pizza for us. Sigh.

Monday, they made their way to the pool and were as in awe of it as everyone is. It really is pretty. I'll get some pictures off of their camera at some point and put 'em on. Today, we're off to the downtown area to see what there is to see (everyone's a bit sunburned).