Saturday, May 29, 2010


It has been really wet and dreary here lately. How 'bout where you are?

It poured so hard this morning one of our bedrooms got flooded due to open windows (we always leave them open, so that was weird). Break out the mop! This storm actually came from the west, which is really strange, and we're getting hit with choppy southerly waves/swells. Yep, gonna be a weird storm season.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the electricity folks have been turning
off our power occasionally to fix a problem. The Monday cutoffs have yet to materialize, but the electricity disappears for various lengths of time on Friday mornings. I have to admit that I kind of look forward to it. I can't check email, listen to music, watch TV (not that I do during the day - who watches the garbage that's on during the day - no really who?), or can't do anything else I would normally do (like write via Word), so have to relax. Last night we had an unexpected outage and the first one we've had at night since we've been here. We were in the middle of dinner and immediately lit candles, found a couple of flashlights and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. It was kind of funny holding the flashlight under my chin so I could wash the pots (dishes went into the dishwasher in hopes for a return of power later). Sometimes, it's just fun to go back to simpler times. You know, when you actually had to talk to each other.

I actually used to look forward to power outages as things just got so quiet. No electricity buzzing in the air, no running fridge, no ceiling fans, no nothing. I had been thinking that very thing last night, right before some of the residents here fired up their loud, stinky generators. %#!* Of course, if we get walloped by a hurricane and are down for any period of time, we'll be seeking out anyone with a generator so we can charge up a few things. We won't badmouth them too badly, but people really couldn't just relax for an hour and enjoy the calmness? Sigh.

We were glad the power came back on in the morning as we had some stocking up to do. We have guests coming!! Good thing people visit us every once in a while or we'd never eat healthy. Seriously, we haven't had this much food in the house in months.

Our pals are coming all the way from Phoenix. And it's taking them 2 days!! Sure hope it clears up so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor. The last email we got from them was in the Charlotte airport where Erin was being coaxed on after having one harrowing flight from Vegas (yes Phoenix to Vegas to Charlotte, hotel, then to St. Kitts - ouch). The plane encountered a lot of turbulence due to thunderstorms and, needless-to-say she was a bit shaken (literally!). Someone's going to need a rum punch upon landing. Luckily the 3-year-old didn't pick up the panic vibes (her Dad's a pilot) and they're all in the air as I type this. The weather's not so settled here either, so we can only hope this flight wasn't as bad as the first. Time to get that rum punch ready!