Friday, July 23, 2010


Well, that's 2 days in a row now without rain. Quite a relief. Lots of impromptu ponds have been pumped out, the big Salt Pond behind the Strip was drained into the sea, and we're trying to dry out for a bit.

As you can see, I've changed the website a bit. I'm starting to experiment with an events guide and figured I'd start on my own blog and get some feedback first. Readership is up, and many are locals or are people wanting to visit, so I thought I'd try to cater to them a bit more. I've added an events calendar (scroll to bottom of blog) and will be building on it as time allows. I'm hoping to have it pretty inclusive one day, but need to work on contacts and hope that the calendar program can keep up. Hate something? Want something? Know about an event and want to tell us? Hit the Contact icon and give us a shout! The calendar is accessible by various methods so will be picked up on various search engines - so if you want people to know about your events you have to tell us. Hopefully the rest of us will start getting a clue of events BEFORE they happen.

This weekend, we'll be trying to hit the beach as much as possible. We just got our electric bill for April to May and are not happy. It's been creeping up over the past couple of months and just was a bit unnerving this time around. We didn't pay this much in AZ with over 110-degree temps and a/c running. We haven't run the a/c, only watch about 3 hours of TV/day, and neither of us are here most of the day. We turn off ceiling fans as we go from room to room and don't even keep appliances we aren't using plugged in. Something's off here - soooo....we will be flipping off all the circuits tomorrow and seeing if the meter's still running. If it is, whoever's piggy-backing our cable is in trouble...