Monday, July 12, 2010

¡Felicitaciones! to Spain - World Cup

Yesterday, we decided to get into the spirit of the World Cup. Neither of us were really too interested in who won, although Michael decided to go for Spain and I chose the Netherlands. So starting with the pre-game, we headed for Ziggy's. They normally have pretty good French fries and we needed a fix. It was about 12:30, but the beach was completely empty. Boy, when it's off season; it's really off season.

Except for this very Caribbean scene with the horse running along the beach (and Mike talking work on his Blackberry).

I'm not normally one to dress up to represent a sports team, but as we were watching the pregame festivities, realized that I had appropriately dressed in my team color of orange. Go Dutch! After eating our not completely cooked fries (boo), we decided to head to Ackee's Cafe to see if there was any action to be found there. It was a bit subdued as the game had just started and folks were waiting on lunch, but had a pretty good crowd.

It was really hot there though, so there were a few more sports fans next door at the air conditioned but gloomy Fusion . We decided to head to the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club where we knew a bunch of folks were going to have a Sangria vs. Heineken knock-down.

There were quite a few orange shirts in that group, but Spain was represented as well.

Mike could have worn this outfit and represented every team that had been in the football/soccer competition. It would totally be cheating if someone wore that golfing, as none of his partners would be able to concentrate on the game. You too can look like bozo on the golf course for just over $200!

Of course, someone had a South African horn. I can NOT imagine being surrounded by a sea of these things constantly blowing. Oy! An obvious Espana fan had a maraca to shake.

There were Spanish olives competing with Dutch gouda cheese.

And, of course, sausages.

A very happy Shannon scooping out her delicious sangria. Mike got hooked on the wine-soaked grapefruit in there. I liked the oranges (hmm, I see a theme here).

Look at how intense everyone looks.

Can you tell that the ball is about to go into the Netherlands net?

A sad fan. Sorry Selma, maybe next time.

Good job Espa√Īa! Hope you're happy Steve & Charlie!

Came home and ate a pizza Michael made from scratch. It came out pretty good, but we need to invest in a pizza stone for a crispier crust.

And another week begins...