Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Day After Earl

Today really is a pretty day, although hot again. No breeze whatsoever. Can we get a happy medium here??

We have a great view from the main pool up the street, so I thought I'd go and see what it looked like. I had to laugh when I saw what they did with the pool furniture. You have to admit it that it worked!

A picture can not even get the amazing nuances of the blues, green, and even browns in the sea right now. It's just breathtaking. A view to the east and then to the west.

Then I took a walk down to The Strip (sorry guys but I don't have a car so the only place I can get to) to see what was going on. It looks a bit different than the last trip down.

One thing that hadn't changed was that our Coast Guard friends were still beached.

You'll note the seaweed surrounding the boat. I was really shocked until I realized that it was all bulldozed down the beach for easier pickup and removal. Most of the beaches have someone around to clean them up in some way. It does look like we gained beach with this one, which is good.

The water is definitely not for swimming yet at S Frigate. It's still calmed quite a bit, but still crashing onto the beach and kind of muddy. Depending on what Fiona does, the crud should be gone in a couple of days. I'd say the ocean side is safe bet for now.

I talked to all the bar folks who were busily wiping sand off their alcohol bottles and sweeping seaweed and sand out of their bars. Everyone planned to be open as usual and all escaped with little or no damage (Sunset Cafe had the worst because they left their awnings up).

The electricity is out down there and I was told that both electricity and water have been out for over a day now in parts of the Half Moon area (not all).

So everyone was asking me about the next storm. I must say here - I'm not a weather person. I got good at tracking stuff when we were on the sailboat, but sure as heck don't want to be responsible for anyone losing a boat, a business, or having a crappy vacation based on my advice. There, that's my caveat...now I'll say what I see with Fiona.

I've looked at the discussions about it twice since I got up this morning and its closest point has gotten further away from us, but the storm is coming a bit sooner (about 11am tomorrow or earlier). Its highest winds are 40mph and it's not expected to get any stronger; it might even weaken. So with it coming maybe 200 miles of us, I don't see us getting much wind from it. Rain? I have no idea. Then that should be it for a bit and we'll get to relax. I think I'll put our outdoor furniture back outside now.