Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hashing in Bourke's Estates

We started the day attending a friend's annual company picnic down on Cockeshell beach (just west of Spice Mill). The company (a manufacturer) has about 200 employees, most of them came and brought their families so there were a lot of people. No expense was spared as there were tents for much-need shade everywhere, a stage with DJ (and eventually KC-5 playing - I love this band but they seem to be the only one on the island...), and endless beverages, including a full bar (from 10am to 7pm).

And what's this? Well, if Michael's in line it must be food.

It was, but it all contained meat, so Michael came away empty handed. Aaw. There were actually 3 meals served throughout the day. These people were not kidding around! We ended up going to Spice Mill and split a quesadilla and fries.

Look at all the kids in the water. Believe it or not, there was even a lifeguard present.

While we were enjoying the shade, this little fellow hung out on my leg.

Michael got jealous and wanted it to sit on his leg, but when he tried to cup it in his hands the lizard dropped his tail in fear. Bad Mikey...We eventually picked our tail-less pal up and put him somewhere where he wouldn't be crushed by the throngs of picnickers.

We watched a lively football/soccer game, enjoyed the reggae music, and then headed off to get changed for the hash.

So this hash was in Bourke's Estate in Sandy Point. I'm not sure about the history of the site, but I'll hazard a guess that it was sugar-cane related. Now the area is pretty much industrialized.

We, and 117 other masochists, met at the ruins for this month's hash.

We were in the shadows of Brimstone Hill Fortress. Eerie.

Off we went toward the hills.

Following these pink ribbons.

There was some high grass to wade through,

but most of it was on an easy to follow path. Of course, we went up...

and down...

Had great views of the mountains,

and of Statia (we could see Saba too but the sun is in a bad place in this photo).

At one point, the runners came at us with Michael in the lead (later losing it after losing the trail).

This was a really good hike - just the right amount of challenge and length. Good job De Ninja and Dame Carla!

What's this you ask? Why is Mike being mobbed by a bunch of pre-pubescent girls?

Well, first they sang a rendition of Jingle Bells, with the last part of the name changed to Mikes hash moniker (Balls, you'll remember). And then they wanted to play with them (ahem). Needless to say, this earned pervert Mr. B another down down.

He just might want to move his jingleys (cat toys with bells) to another location (rather than on his drawstrings) next hash.

This woman was in trouble for bringing food and then not sharing it with anyone. Instead of making her guzzle her beverage (a Sprite in this instance), they poured it in the soup bowl she had selfishly gorged herself from and expected her to drink from that. When she refused to do it, she ended up wearing it.

Aah, such fun. It was a really pretty day for all these events. Today's weather should be the same. Nifty.