Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well, this will be the last entry of the evening for those of you tracking with us. We didn't have a clue 12 hours ago and we still don't.

The first thing the latest (8pm) National Hurricane Bulletin declared was: ...EARL HEADING TOWARD THE LEEWARD ISLANDS IN A HURRY...Not what we want to see.

The watches have turned to warnings and Earl's still heading west. The models still stubbornly cling to their presumption that it'll turn north. Now would be nice.

The clouds look like they've engulfed Barbados already, although the storm is definitely north of them. We should have rain this evening and then will finally know what kind of winds we'll get by tomorrow. We will NOT talk about all those swirly things behind Earl (there are actually 2 behind it and 2 more developing on the African continent).

We've brought in our outdoor furniture and are ready to tighten the shutters if necessary. Anything with a battery has been charged. If lightning starts, we'll turn the fridge up so everything freezes in case the power goes out - things will last longer. Flashlights are ready. If things look bad in the morning, we'll start the next phase of preps.

570 miles to go.