Monday, August 23, 2010

A Determined Beach Day

Just goes to show, we'll go to Sandy Bank under any conditions. It was actually lightning and thundering.

A radar check showed the dreariness would pass though, so we waited expectantly and sure enough we eventually had sun. We ran into some pals with goat girls as offspring (can you see them on the cliff there?);

while their dog, Sam, knew how to relax.

Relaxing is becoming a bit difficult for us with this looming to the east of us. Even when you know that ALL the models show a hurricane missing you, it's always a bit distracting to see it coming. Turn, turn, turn!!!

While it looks like Hurricane Danielle is going to go elsewhere, the mess behind it is a bit concerning. It's either going to feed from Danielle or be destroyed by her. I call tails! The problem is that the 2nd blob is going due west. You always want to see the word "north" somewhere in the discussions about splotches coming off of Africa, and as of this posting, that word is sorely missing from any analysis of the thing. Could be an interesting weekend.