Saturday, September 4, 2010

So the second Coast Guard boat was finally pulled off the beach last night. Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack and The Dock were the places to be for the "event."

Look at the poor beach...

In case you want to share in the celebration:

Sorry for the poor video taping there. Others were capturing it for posterity too, so I'm sure the event will be on You Tube several times eventually (like this one taken from a friend's Blackberry). Afterwards, we had a cheer's beer and called it a night.

Considering we're probably not done with the storms that caused this excitement, I thought I'd note the following words of wisdom from the Water Department. Believe it or not there are still several areas without water: Sandy Point, Cayon, Keys, Mattingley Heights, Camps and Saddlers. Ever sympathetic, the Water Department engineer said that before the storm, the department had advised residents to take necessary precautions like storing water in jars, bathtubs and other receptacles in the event of an interruption of the water supply. They were also advised to boil water just after the passage of a hurricane as the quality of the water couldn't be guaranteed. We will definitely take notes - because we did not save up for over a week's worth of water ourselves either.

It's good to know that "All pumps are turned off before a storm to protect the equipment from power surges and/or lightning strikes. In addition, all source water intakes are shut off (source water intakes are located at higher elevations in rainforest areas) and these are shut down to prevent any debris and particles from entering the water distribution system,” because although we had water the whole time, it must have been what was left in the lines.

I'm not aware of any mea culpas from the electricity department, but I'm pretty sure areas are still down (the entire island lost power for 2 hours yesterday morning).

SPIRIT is going to have an expo-type affair today (from 12-6 in Sandy Point) on how to prepare for hurricanes on St. Kitts. I would have liked to have gone to it, but just found out about it and have other plans...If interested, you can check the Calendar for more details.

We planned on going to Cockleshell some time this weekend, but I don't know...Glad we missed this last Sunday.