Thursday, October 21, 2010

Air Wars

Well this is kind of exciting - another air carrier is coming to town. AirOne is breaking into the Caribbean Air and LIAT monopoly in December. Sure hope it doesn't take long for them to add St. Kitts to the mix.

To be fair though, LIAT does have low fares occasionally. It's the taxes and airport fees that add up, so unless AirOne gets some kind of deal, I don't know how much we'll really benefit. Right now LIAT is offering a one-way deal to St. Martin for $38. Wahoo - grocery shopping, cheese, and baguettes! Unfortunately, you get to add the ubiquitous taxes to that total. Oddly, LIAT is charging two very different fees. I get $26.30 in taxes going there and $85.65 (!!!!!) coming back (St. Kitts airport charging more? What a surprise - NOT!). That makes my RT ticket $187.95 instead of $76 RT pre-tax - that's an $111.95 difference. Ouch. Guess we'll keep eating potatoes and eggs...will the two monopoly importers please buy pretzels again - please? What, were they selling too briskly before???