Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Hashing we will go

After a week of being a complete slug (physically) and doing nothing but work on the computer (I hadn't been outside in so long I had no idea where my keys or sunglasses were), I was very pleased that it was time to hash. This one was waaaay on the other side of the island where they're building Kittitian Hills.

We had a great turn-out today.

There's Statia across the way.

This was a Halloween hash, so a few of us dressed up. That's Professor John and his wife getting physical.

Their daughter the princess. Or Snow White. Or Cinderella. I'm not sure which.

A little pirate.

I love this picture.

Can you guess what Michael was?

An E-Male!

What am I?

A blow-up doll! That was a tire valve on my arm. Sick I know, but this was that kind of crowd.

Hey - give us a break! We still had to run/hike! There's Nat as a pumpkin, Kat as a cat (!), and Rob as a lunatic.

The walk turned out to be the easiest hash I'd ever done. It was kind of nice actually; they don't all have to be challenging. The whole thing was pretty much done on wide open trails, which was rather pleasant.

We were near the Rawlin's Plantation and Kate Spencer's art gallery, so were running across quaint buildings tucked amongst the varying scenery.

At one point, we crossed paths with the runners. Ooh, what a surprise. Michael & Kat in the lead!

The next thing you knew we were back where we started and breaking into the beverages.

It was also time for the down-down ceremonies. They got a little rambunctious today.

Three guys set the hash (this was their first time doing so) and it's required they do a down-down.

We had a lot of "virgins" so it took a while to get everyone anointed and initiated.

Then Mike (there are many Mikes in this group) got punished by his wife because he made her bring both of their dogs and then refused to take one of them with him on his run. She got stuck having to walk two.

I'm not sure what this warrior did wrong (he was wearing bicycle shorts under his skirt), but check out our headmaster Percy's exuberance.

Michael, Kat, and Steven got a congratulations for their trophy wins during the Children's Home walk.

Peter (British consul) got a t-shirt for his 261st hash (and that's just in St. Kitts; he's done many others). Sarah just completed her 25th (in a witch's costume, no less). Good job guys!

Dusk! Time to go.

The Mike that got punished for not walking his dog told me there were 5 reasons he loved to hash. 1) He got to see his friends & acquaintances every 3 weeks; 2) He got some exercise; 3) He got to go to places on the island he'd never been to before; 4) He got to drink afterwards; and 5) He got to then order his favorite chicken fried rice and stuff himself silly. That pretty much summed it up nicely.

Hmmm. We ended up ordering our favorite spring rolls from Formosa Gardens (and some vegetable fried rice). While we waited they gave us some free iced milk-tea. Free?! And quite tasty too. Onward home to gorge ourselves.

Look at this nice presentation.

Break out the soy sauce!