Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting Back to Normal after Latest Storm

So yesterday, I wandered down toward the Marriott again to get my hair cut and was surprised to see that the turn-about was still very flooded. This time I wore shoes I could take off so I could wade through it (and hope I didn't need a tetanus shot afterwards), but then got lucky when Kat drove by at just the right time and gave me a nice, dry lift through it.

I like it! Maxine and Kara of the Pink Daisy (above Rituals) do fantastic work and can do all hair types. Kara also does pedicures/manicures (I'm not that high maintenance). If you need a hair cut or your hair styled for a wedding or other event, this is the place to go. For contact info you can go to my Things to Do page (Misc Businesses). Of course, I'm never going to get it to look like this again.

I got lucky when another customer volunteered to drive me all the way home (through that stupid street lake-and up that dreaded hill). Turns out it was Pat from PJ's Bar & Restaurant. She took a risk but ended up with a fantastic cut too; very mod. We talked about her business and she got me all hungry for a vegetarian calzone. After hearing good things about the place later, Michael is drooling at the thought of one too, so we'll have to get there soon.

Then it was laundry time. Our towels hadn't dried in days and were really stinky. I also signed our lease to give us another year in paradise. Time flies...

I asked Michael to take stop at the Shipwreck Bar & Grill on S Friar's Bay on his way home. Someone had heard that it was "gone." I'm not sure how that rumor got started, but the bar is fine. The tide is still high and the same damage they had from Hurricane Earl is still there (one tier needs to be fixed), but they're open for business. Maybe they should update their Facebook page and stop scaring everybody.

Then it was time to hit The Dock for happy hour. Not only did I want to show off my new do, but I figured everyone would be out enjoying the nice weather and wanted to do the same.

The sun was just setting.

Waves were still a bit up.

Lots of seaweed. Lots.

The actual dock has taken quite a beating.

These guys (who we just met) travel with their own food. Tina (in white) loves to cook. She makes a lot of her stuff from scratch, from pasta to bread (although she cheats with a bread maker). Tina is also very competitive getting into guacamole and hummus (etc.) cook-offs with whomever's willing. Mike wants to see Tina and me face-off over the guac one - we'll see. nervousShe kind of scared me. She had a lot of vegetarian meal ideas, so is going to show Michael a few tips.

Did I mention I just got my hair cut? And go Yankees!

We had fun, but realized at 10 we were starving so went home and made some popcorn...Michael has to work today (the 2 guys who didn't show are so in trouble). I've had neither internet or tv all morning, so have been doing chores before it gets too hot. The pool might be next. Some grocery shopping will be in order at some point.

The northern beaches are going to be the only way to go this weekend until the south ones get cleaned up. Here's North Frigate, close to the Marriott, yesterday. It was a nice walk.

Have a good weekend everyone - hope the skies have cleared for you too.