Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pjs Calzone

Saturday turned out to be a really long day for both of us, so we decided that it was the perfect night to enjoy some calzones at PJs. I've actually never been down that way when it's been open. It's a cute place.

We were really shocked when we got 2 breadsticks & spicy cheese dip - for free! We've never been to a place on this island that gave anything away. They were pretty good, kind of tasting like soft pretzels. Of course, once someone gives you something, you want more - don't be stingy - give 2 sticks per person!

Then Michael went to take a drink of his soda and couldn't figure out why his straw felt so weird - oops.

We were so tired, that put us in a giggle fit and we started doing all kinds of stupid things with our straws. This is me poking my eye out. I didn't take a picture of us sticking them up our noses. They're never going to ask us back again...

I got a spinach/cheese calzone; Michael got an eggplant/red pepper one. They were both good, but I think his was better. The wrapper is very pot-pie-like, very light. The calzones were $35EC/$13US. The whole dinner (no alcohol) - 2 sodas/2 salads (good dressings)/2 calzones (and 2 free breadsticks!) was about $60US with tip. It was a nice night out and much needed. There was some leftover for breakfast too. Can we get stombolis added to the menu? Yes, please! They have several veggie pizza choices (Mexican - yummy) and deliver, so that'll be next.

One thing that I noticed was that my Diet Coke cost $1.50EC/.56US more than Mike's Coke. When we went to the grocery store this morning, I checked to see what the source was doing. It's true that DC is more - a whole 26 cents/EC or .10US more. I got charged an extra $1.50EC? That's a bit extreme. Now I know to ask the question though and I'm going to start shaming anyone who tries to slip in this extra whammy. I mean I was charged $7.50EC/$2.80 for it; they paid no more than $3.25EC/$1.22US - eat the quarter/EC for Pete's sake.

This morning, we hit the grocery stores. We spent $285US and guess what they don't have again?

We are definitely going to buy an extra loaf the next time we get some and freeze it. Jeez. The bread was probably on the container that's been sitting off-island since last Sunday thanks to TS Otto, so I'm guessing it'll be on the shelves soon enough. Yes, I can make my own bread, but it won't last long enough for a week's worth of PB&J sandwiches. We need the preservatives. BTW, I did get oatmeal (almost $9US!).

I just went over the receipts and discovered we spent almost $8US on 4 sticks of Land-O-Lakes butter. Guess we'll be switching off of that brand while we're here. Ouch. Four rolls of Charmin TP at $13US (sorry, we keep trying to save $ and pay for it when we go to use it - scraaaape - TMI?) and $18US for a whole 17oz of olive oil didn't make my day either. I hate shopping...

I'm going to spend even more tomorrow when I go downtown and try to meet the produce boats. I just spent almost $2.50US for this handful of grapes, but at least they had them. I had an urge. We are definitely going to have to work on this grocery thing. If someone would just come out with a pill...