Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Drive

Conditions have calmed down quite a bit, although we're still enjoying a nice cool breeze. That's good because it's a bit humid. Things looked nice and calm in the marina.

The ocean looked good on N Frigate.

The seas looked good on S Friars, looking toward Shipwreck.

What's this? The Godfather has a new neighbor! The Mongoose Bar & Grill upped and moved from their spot further down Friars. I'm not sure what that other building is - kitchen? I've never seen this bar open, although I have to admit I don't go to S Friar's all that often. There are a few other small bars like this further west on this beach too, so I'll take a sunny weekend day, see if I can catch them open sometime, and find out what they have to say for themselves.

Things looked pretty good on all the rest of the beaches too, so other than some clouds and possible showers here and there, hopefully that's it. We're just going to enjoy the cool temps and veg. Have a great Halloween everyone!