Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tomas Latest

At exactly midnight a gust of wind knocked over our empty garbage can, causing a ruckus. Of course, me and the cats jumped up to check it out; Michael snoozed on. It then started pouring sideways, so some of the windows had to be closed. We had rain and gusty winds for about 15 minutes and that was that. Quiet. Repeat a couple of more times throughout the night and that was the extent of our overnighter with Tomas.

You can see last night's skies weren't too bad.

This morning is dreary as expected.

We can see that the sea is whitecapping, so the southerly beaches are getting battered once again. Yesterday's ocean was looking rather nasty too, so it's probably not the place to be either. The sat/radar shows that we're in the northernmost section of this messiness. Unfortunately, it also shows that the islands below us are still getting rained on, but at least the advisories are due to be canceled later today. The storm slowed down from 15mph to 8mph and winds are up to 100mph. I'm guessing that the section that is manifesting those speeds is already past the waterlogged and wind-beaten Windwards.

Here are the latest satellite and radar pics for those of you who like that kind of thing.

The models are still showing several track variations (including the one coming back here in a few days). Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic? Break out the Magic 8 ball...

Next up I get to call my credit card company because they want to know who bought a a pazillion dollars worth of groceries and a living room set in St. Kitts.