Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Furniture!

First I have to say good luck to all those folks south of us getting pummeled. So far so good for us, although it has sprinkled a bit.

Michael did a grocery shopping trip today with my credit card and the cabinets/fridge are really well stocked. Is someone coming to visit? I'm scared to add up the receipts. Since we were in the spending mood already (well some of us), we decided to look at furniture. We agreed that if we stayed in this villa another year that we would buy a decent sofa. Well, we just signed the new lease so now's the time. After 3 years on a boat with no soft or reclining surfaces and another year on hard wicker furniture, both of our tushes have just about had it. We had looked here once before, but couldn't handle the old-fashioned stuff or prices, but thought we'd try again.

Yesterday, we had tried Horsfords furniture downtown, but although we could have sucked it up and bought something that wasn't our taste, they wouldn't break up the set and it was just too much. Too much money and too 1970's. Then we headed for Island Hoppers Exotic Furniture. We knew they were way out of our league price-wise, but hoped that their VAT tax sale might give us a chance. We had a choice of 3 sofas, none of them comfortable, so who cared what they cost.

Today, we first headed to TDC (a hardware store with furniture upstairs) only to find that they were closing. Hmmm. Normally it's open until about 2:30 and a storm was nearby (it was now 1). Lots of other people circling the parking lot were confused too. Fine...that left Courts downtown. They were also having a VAT tax (the stupid thing kicks in Nov 1st - 17%!!!!!) sale. This chair was really comfy (Michael would return to it again and again), but I thought two of them were a bit bachelor-pad-like. Ever seen friends (right)?

So we circled back around to a rather expensive combo, but one we actually liked and decided to go for it (we even supposedly get the throw pillows). So comfy. I have to admit we like more modern things, but this tropical look will work too. We still don't need 3 pieces, but it's our only choice, so alrighty then. And then we got to stand in this line. We weren't the only ones trying to beat the tax. Well, I don't know about them, but I really need to get a real job...Whatever - it's going to be so worth it when we've got those cushions under our butts. Michael I are going to be couch potatoes for a week (watching our borrowed moldy TV)! raise-the-roof

Thanks to a tip from our pal Tina, we made our final stop at Corks & Screws wine/beer shop in Port Zante whose VAT tax sale included $5 and $8 wines. Absolutely! We are soo ready for crappy weather. Wahoo!

So how is it 4pm already and we haven't eaten anything yet?

Here's the latest for you storm watchers.



It's only 79 degrees?? Break out the flannel! (Think I'm kidding?)