Saturday, October 30, 2010

Upscale Shack

Ok, before the blog becomes all about Hurricane Tomas, let's see what else is going on. BTW, the regatta has been postponed. It's set for next week.

My Mom sent another package. This time via USPS Express Mail (you know, that flat rate deal). The biggest box isn't all that big, but even sending two is probably cheaper than using other methods. We hadn't had much luck with the post office in the past, but figured out that if it went Express Mail, we'd be in pretty good shape. My Mom mailed it on Friday the 22nd and it got here on Wednesday the 27th. On Thursday, the post office truck pulled up and handed me a handwritten pink sticky slip telling me I had to go pick it up. Michael swung by while he was in town and was told he needed a letter from me authorizing him to get it. Instead, he just picked me up, and I gave them my i.d. I asked the customs agent not to tell me what was in it, as I wasn't sure if my birthday gift would be wrapped or not. I actually got a slight smile! Then I was told to pay $1.50EC which is .55US cents and off we went. So that's the process...A student next to us received some toilet paper. I liked my package better.

More pretzels! - although I think Michael's bag has more in it than mine. pouty-1 Just kidding! We are very much enjoying the Green Tea w/ Raspberry Crystal Light and will be popping open the Pomegranate next. Michael's already using the fabric grocery bag that held the gift and I'm staring at my wrapped present. Life is full.

Last night, I dropped by Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack to see how the wedding rehearsal dinner for Courtney and Darius was coming (out-of-towners with lot of friends/family who flew in too). What a great job! Well, I can't speak for the meal or entertainment later, but Mr. X and Esther outdid themselves with the decorations - well with a bit of help from Destination Solutions.

I loved these big bamboo things - that was rum punch in the coconuts. Mmmm. If only they actually came that way!

Look at how nicely the tables were decorated.

The bar. It turned into a rather popular place to be.

The buffet table. The meal was actually served family style, but this was a good place for the staff to serve up the platters.

A bonfire. They actually had the Fire-Man perform again (he also played his normal Thursday gig).

It got even prettier at night.

Any of you guys wanting to hold big events on island - like wedding rehearsal dinners, weddings, business dinners, birthday parties, etc. shouldn't count out the Shack! They can accommodate up to 175 people and are within walking distance of the Marriott!

Well, so far the sun is making a valiant effort to stay out, but it is raining here and there. I can imagine that the bride & groom are a bit nervous. Let's hope they get hitched without being drenched in the process. If Courtney's got a veil, she better hold onto it, 'cause the winds are picking up. Hold on and congrats guys!

Not sure if the regatta, Reggae Beach BBQ, and horse races tomorrow will be affected by Tomas, but if I hear anything (ha!), I'll let you know.

The Nevis Disaster Management Department (NDMD/Facebook Page) has put out the following notice:




A cruise ship came today, anchored out, and then disappeared. That's never a good feeling. I don't think a ship was expected today, so I'm guessing that it was the Carnival Miracle (due tomorrow) running from conditions in St. Lucia (where they were supposed to be today) and since they couldn't dock here because of the winds, figured they'd just head north and be safe. Hmrph.

What does the NOGAPS model know that the others don't? no-1