Monday, October 11, 2010

This and That: Thoughts & Video of Children's Home 5K Run

So after realizing that today was going to be another annoying day on the computer/internet, I milked my morning work-out for all it was worth, worked a bit offline, and then looked forward to my first trip to the produce market on the day the boats are in. St. Kitts is still converting from a sugar-cane growing island, to one that has a nice variety of goodies. Taiwan has become a big partner in this endeavor and is working with the farmers here on various types of agriculture projects. Hurricane Earl wiped out a few crops (like lettuce) and I'm not sure how this latest rain from Otto helped or hindered. Monkeys are a problem too. So the island makes up the difference getting stuff from Dominica (and the US). It comes in on boats where everything is offloaded at the market and sold direct (markup 1). Then local vendors buy it and bring it to the local market downtown on other days (markup 2), and/or sell it to the grocery stores (markup 3). If you're not careful you can really overpay from produce here and most of what you get is going to be pretty ripe. So that was the PLAN.

Pat came and picked me up and thought things were looking a little quiet. We got inside the market, and I thought we were in the wrong place. It was a bit like being in a mental home with um, nonworking folks inside trying to stay out of the hot sun. Where was the stuff? Turns out the boat was still far off. It wasn't expected until later that night. It's not like you can call and find out, so there's no way to know if/when it'll show up. Well, never mind then. Maybe next week.

So here are a few loose ends.

The grounded freighter full of diesel is still grounded.

Our blogger fans, Bill & Carole, at Island Culebra confirmed that we were, in fact, seeing some black cloud activity from nearby Montserrat. The observatory hadn't commented on it as of this morning, but NOAA did. Thanks guys.

Florida Mike has pointed out that if you make your own bread and put it in aluminum foil (outside of fridge), it'll keep for a long time, so I'll give it a shot. That said, nothing's easier than going to the store and buying a loaf, sorry; so unless we're desperate (and it does happen), we'll just wait for the bread fairy to show up. It's hot enough in this house without turning on the oven for an hour. I will try to make a baguette using Florida Mike's guaranteed recipe though. My future as boulangerie is still uncertain.

The ZIZ TV/Radio station actually got back to me and gave me a 5 minute video of the run we were in a couple of weeks ago. I would have liked to have uploaded it all, so you could get a good feel for who was running and how pretty the course was, but it's too big a file to upload on our puny internet connection. I was able to whittle it down to about a minute (that only took 5 hours to upload). It's not pretty and I have such a bad internet connection that I can't actually play it back, but hopefully it's good enough. We can still be impressed by Mikey and friends one last time. I had to leave the music ZIZ chose, since it was the only way you could hear the interview later. If anyone wants the whole segment, just shoot me an email.

I also got a link to pictures of the event from Jen, who was excited to use her new camera. I'm not in any pictures, so don't kill yourself looking, but you can search for others you know. There are snippets of my hair here and there, but you'll have to be really quick to catch it. I must have been running that fast - ha! running

That leaves one other person I know with video/pictures of the event, but we'll have raced in the 2nd annual run before we get them.

I must mention that it is HOT! Really, really HOT!!!