Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swim, Bike & Run! 1st Mini Tri

Now, this is why I don't go out every Friday night. Michael went out, got snookered and agreed to a do a mini-triathlon the next day. Sure he came in first in the 5K Children's run last month, but he hasn't swam, pretty much ever and hasn't ridden a bike in 2 years. Add the fact that he was really hung over this morning and had eaten a huge sub-sandwich for lunch and I'm impressed the boy finished the thing.

The first mini triathlon last month was shorter and had about 17 participants. This second in the series had 17 that came across from Nevis alone. They have some serious competitors, so definitely changed the dynamics of this race. I think there were over 50 entrants total this time around. Not bad. You can either sign up as a team and split the sections up or do it all yourself. Of course, Michael did it all himself.

Here he is on his borrowed bike with his hardhat and swimming goggles on. Rock it Mikey!

He biked to the venue, Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack and immediately hit a hill. He said he was already sore upon arrival. Uh oh.

Here's the crowd getting the low-down on where they're going.

First up...the swim (450m). And they're off!

And they're swimming!

The first one out was Arne.

Kat didn't too badly.

Michael came out with still a few swimmers behind him.

Then it was time to hit the bike (15K)!

The line up really changed during the bike segment. Team Nevis really kicked butt.

Now, it was important to slow down traffic for the biking/running segment, so you gotta love someone who takes their job seriously. Last year, Tina volunteered to help out with this, but cars wouldn't pay attention to her. So what did she do this year?

Dress like a pirate. It worked! As it turned out, a huge wedding party decided to take pictures in the gazebo-type thing in the last turn-about so they added to the traffic. Tina definitely got everyone's attention.

We figured all those people are going to wonder what the heck a pirate is doing in all their pictures. Her husband Ron was on the street with a sign too, but he just might want to wear his pirate outfit next year. Yes he has one...

Finally, here's Mikey!

And now it's time to run (4K). Look at how tired these guys look!

Who won? Team Nevis, of course! One of their guys did the whole thing in about 58 minutes. Good job!

Oh...and here comes Nat back on the bike part. Nobody tell him that someone's already crossed the finish line and his team still has to start the run...

And the gang returns and finishes!!! John brought his team in, while Kat, Michael, and Rob finished their final leg. Wahoo!

Happy to be done - Michael & Heather.

Time for some grub and lots of liquid.

And finally time to cheer on the last competitor to cross the finish line. She really gets some kudos. Most people were done by the time she finished just the bike section, but she was determined to finish so took off for her run as the sun set.

I'm pretty sure anyone who decides to do the next one (a harder one) on December 11th will attempt to do it via team instead of as an individual. Doing it by yourself is hard work! They might also try it without the hangover...

The weather for this could not have been better. We actually got cold once the sun set!

Everybody gearing up for Thanksgiving? Break out the Tofurkey!