Sunday, November 28, 2010


So is everybody sick of left overs and dealing with shopping hangovers?

So Friday night, we completely forgot about an art show we wanted to attend. The darn thing was even on my calendar, and we still missed it. Shucks! We heard it was great. The exhibition will go on until December 10th (see poster) for anyone wanting something new to do. The venue is in Greenlands/Basseterre, call for directions.

Then Saturday, we set out to help Pat and Peter (Popcorn) set the Christmas hash coming up this weekend. We decided to swath a trail through the sugar cane, but were at least hoping for a goat path or something. Nope. Peter is actually right in front of me, but you can't even see him.

Here he is hitting all the spiderwebs first.

Every once in while, we'd hit an impenetrable wall of plant life and have to figure out a way around it.

We didn't even bother marking anything, as we knew we'd never bring anyone through this crap. The Christmas hash is supposed to be somewhat easy (the runners trail is always a little harder), so everyone can just enjoy the music, catered food, music, and even Santa. Remember, if you want to come, just contact the group and someone will come and get you if you need a ride.

Anywho, we got to a hill we were aiming for, climbed up, and then took stock of whether there was an easier way to get there. We had just waded through all that greenery to the left of that dirt road. We figured out how to get everyone to the hill, up the hill, give them views of both the sea and ocean side, and then get them back to the starting point, but will have to go back and mark it all.

Meanwhile, Michael & Pat were a bit more successful marking their running trail so don't have much more to do to finish up. We're all nursing razor-grass wounds though.

We washed the blood off of our legs and had our first guests over since we got our new cushy couches. Hmm, I wonder how they liked them?

More yummy food!

Today is the "October" Regatta, so should be fun. If you want to crew you need to be at The Dock at 9am. If you want to head out on the Committee Boat, be at Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack by 11am. You can also watch the boats race to the finish at Reggae Beach Bar & Grill. By the time the regatta is over, the Victoro concert at Spice Mill should be getting started.

If none of that was enticing, there's always Thanksgiving with Horses at Beaumont Park (it's free!).

I just know I'm dreading getting into a bathing suit. Can I just have a Diet Coke please? There's a reason Thanksgiving and Christmas happen in winter. We are now supposed to be hiding our guts in sweats, a sweatshirt, and bubble coat!