Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble


Two nights of eating for 10 - oy. Wednesday night we got invited to a friend's house for a meal that was so good and so filling I wasn't even slightly hungry the next morning. Christophine soup, cheese/broccoli dip with fresh bread, pesto pasta with all kinds of veggies/garlic, and home-made ice cream with toasted coconut and a mini-muffin. This done by someone working full time and raising a kid (not including her husband).

I was pretty proud of my banana muffins, but after seeing/eating that meal, was wishing I had been a bit more creative - maybe I could have lit them on fire or something? Anyway, that was fantastic. Thanks Jen & David!

Then it was harvest day, a.k.a. Thanksgiving. First we stopped off to have a quick drink with yet someone else with a fantastic view. And the breeze! We're so tucked in, we really don't get much air, so are a bit jealous of these homes that almost get a wind-tunnel affect.

Then we were off to the main event. What did we bring? Our Chinese cole slaw and key lime pie (we substituted about 15 limes for the juice). What's great about this is that we obtained the coleslaw recipe from our first Thanksgiving in Arizona, and the key lime pie concoction while at a dinner on a friend's trawler during our sailing escapades. It's so fun to be reminded of friends from the past while meeting new people and incorporating more recipes into our repertoire.

There really was a ton of food. I can't believe out of all the pictures I took, I didn't capture that. Every surface was covered with something savory (or alcoholic). I did get the dessert section though.

And it's time for the carcass carving!! Who better to do that than a Dutchman and a Canadian?

A quick shout out to the powers-that-be behind the harvest.

And then pandemonium.

The brats ate first.

The kids plates vs the adults.

You'll notice that Michael had both. As a matter of fact, he started with 3 plates.

I stuck with one plate, but made sure it was full and didn't leave a crumb.

Michael then had a piece of key lime pie and an hour later had another one. That's Arne making sure Michael didn't get too thirsty while he sliced into the pie.

The pie was quite tasty (and very tart), but couldn't be left out (without melting) so wasn't the best dessert to bring. Got a thumbs up though!

Now you can't have a Caribbean affair without a little conch blowing now can you? Blow Ron!

Nat and Michael tummy-slamming each other to see whose belly was the fullest. It might just be a tie.

We had quite a mishmash of people and each made the day something special. I had to post both these pictures. Here's the "We have had way too much to drink" photo.

And here's the dignified pose shot that would go into the picture frame photo.

We had a great time and I would have been really thankful if I hadn't ruined it by dropping a clay tray custom made for Tina on the floor and shattering it into a million pieces. Sigh. We thought we'd do Ron & Tina a favor and help clean up, but I'm pretty sure that they would have preferred to have done without the assistance. Tile sucks. Anything dropped on that stuff has no chance. Tina may be able to get the folks who created that tray to make her another one, but it still sucks. Sorry!

So what gets thanks this year? The host and hostess who invited us to their home and went through so much work to accommodate everyone. All the people who came. Cool breezes and a sparkling Caribbean sea. A great couple of years on St. Kitts (no matter what the future holds). The continued good health of our friends and family (and us!). Our employment. Care packages. Life!

So I think I'll be eating yogurt and salad for the next 2 days and give my digestive system a chance to catch up. I'll be wearing all my expandable pants for a bit too.

Hope you all had a good one as well!