Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Parties! Nirvana

ho-ho-ho Did you know it's almost Christmas? Can't say it feels overly Christmas-ish here, but lots of folks are having their holiday parties none the less. Yesterday, we had two in one day! The first one was a Christmas breakfast for Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack crew. I help out Mr. X occasionally (sometimes just by sending Michael down there to get him out of my hair), so was invited along. The venue was at the Nirvana Restaurant in the newly refurbished and reopened Fairview Inn. What a pretty place.

They'll give you a tour, but Paula & I just kind of wandered around on our own. Here's the front.

There were lots of little cottage offshoots spread around the property - some being used for offices, some various dining options, etc.

There was a pretty garden with plants/trees labeled. I loved these 2 chairs.

An old sugar silo. A newer gazebo (nice view, eh?).

A pretty salt-water pool and Paula getting her lime on.

We worked up an appetite, but had to wait as it took everyone (even Mr. X) an hour after our appointed time to arrive. Sheesh. While we waited, we had coffee, tea, and juice. I haven't had orange juice in years (too expensive), so had quite a party for my taste buds. Look at these cute little teapots - that's Sati trying to be all delicate. Actually that kettle was pretty heavy, kind of like a cast-iron pot. Inside was a filter thingy so you could flavor your tea as you poured the hot water in. Pretty neat. It really doesn't take much to impress me...

The restaurant provided a buffet, but set Esther and me (meat avoiders) up with our own plates consisting of two stuffed tomatoes halves and some lightly fried chickpeas sprinkled on top. It was delicious and appreciated, but just because we're vegetarians doesn't mean we don't like volume!! When we were done, we hit the buffet and piled on some very buttery scrambled eggs (they were decadent), some yummy johnny cakes, and carrot cake. I think my body is in shock.

After we finished hitting the buffet over and over again, it was time to take a photo for the Shack Christmas card. I'm wondering if I can Photoshop myself out or with a different head on my body as I was definitely having a bad hair day. I look like a female version of Carrot Top.

I'm hoping they use the gazebo pictures, which I stayed out of...

Three of 4 cameras were in play, so hopefully one of them got us all smiling and staring in the same place.

Everyone was asked to wear their Shiggidy t-shirts for a group photo and I loved how this little girl's Mom converted hers into a cute dress.

I also liked this one including a happy Triggers, who was celebrating a birthday.

We had a good time in a pretty place. Thanks to Mr. X and the Nirvana staff!! If on-island, go there some time with your bathing suit, have some lunch and enjoy the pool and the views.

Then I had time to fix my gnarly coif and get ready for an evening party thrown by Thomas and his visiting mother. She apparently likes to cook (?!) and actually asked him to invite over all his friends (??!!). Not ones to disappoint, we did our part and showed up (note to you readers - if you don't really want us to come then don't invite us - because we always come). big-smile

The party was quite a mishmash of people we've met from investors, to contractors, to sales staff, to managers.

Thomas's Mom really went all out with appetizer after appetizer after appetizer appearing. We were glad when she finally came out of the kitchen because we were starting to feel badly. She started with some great fruit - the kids glommed onto it and thought it was the best they had ever had (it was good, but I think they were just hungry). They were even more pleased when the chocolate came out (the adults were pretty happy too).

Michael's new family...I was in the picture but didn't like how I looked (the advantage of being the editor).

So the Eagles play at 2 today, which means an early beach day. Probably for the best considering afternoon clouds always seem to creep in. You guys sick of winter yet?

Oh, did I mention that one of Michael's workers borrowed Michael's car and not long after the vehicle was returned it wouldn't start? Turns out someone took out Michael's brand new battery and replaced it with an old one. Gotta love it... A pal of ours caught one of his guys stealing fuel from the generator to gas up his car. Glad we could make Christmas merrier for these boneheads.

Thanks to William and Carole who sent us our new theme song for next year's ahole party. This subject oddly seems to be a bit popular - even Hardee's did a commercial about it (gross!)